School visits

First contact with the ponies. Learn to know them, love them and take care, explore their environment, and food habits. Treat them and then ride them.

The 'Centre d'Equitació Poni Club Catalunya' thanks to the leadership, teachers and students in the Escola Segrer in Barcelona, his collaboration in the making of this video.

The activity is divided into three parts:

1. Visit to facilities

  • Maintenance and care
  • Differentiation of races and layers (hair colour)
  • Pony categories according to height ponies
  • ... ...

2. Handling

  • Take the ponies from the field
  • Prepare them for riding (brush them, comb them ...)
  • Placing the saddle
  • Contact and elementary knowledge of ponies (body parts, hooves ...)

3. Practice riding class

  • Mounting and unmounting
  • Walk, stop and turn
  • Maintaining the balance hummingbird
  • Experimentation of trotting

The different activities can be adapted to the age of the students. If the school requests it they can reduce the length of the activities and supplement it with a horse carriage ride.

School visits
School visits
School visits
School visits