Centre d'Equitació Poni Club Catalunya regulations

  • Payments are made monthly advance
  • All students must be in possession of valid federal license

Lessons not taken:

  • Shall be recoverable as long as they have been warned in advance of 24 hours
  • They will be recovered befor 30 days, and the club will determinate the day and time.
  • Won't be validate or deducted from the monthly payment
  • The holidays are not recoverable
  • Students must arrive at the club 30 minutes before the start of the class
  • It is forbidden to ride any club horse without a monitor supervision.
  • Students must wear an approved helmet and appropriate clothing (protective vest from Galop 2)
  • The student is responsible for his pony /horse and the used material, it's compulsory to leave it in the best conditions.
  • It is mandatory to collect the students during the 20 minutes following the end of the class. The club is not responsible for students outsidethe class schedule . Barcelona

Gallop exams regulations

  • Registration 30 days prior to the date of the exam
  • To make the registration it is necessary:
    An ID card photocopy
    Certified Federal License
    Photocopy of the previous Galop (if this does not appear on the card)
    CHECK INCOME (examination fees)
    Account Number of the Catalan Equestrian Federation:
    2100.3218.27.2200133437 – La Caixa