Reprise Galop 4
Reprise Galop 5
Reprise Galop 6
Reprise Galop 7

Els Galops són els programes de Formació de Genets i Amazones, basat en el Programa de Galops establert per la RFHE. Consta de nou nivells d'aptitud i coneixements de les tècniques d'equitació, maneig i cura dels cavalls en les tres etapes de la formació Esportiva: Iniciació, Perfeccionament i Especialització.

Els exàmens de Galops acrediten el nivell d'equitació dels genets i les amazones necessari per a competir en campionats nacionals i territorials: Normativa de les competicions Territorials i Nacionals


The Gallop exams consist of a theoretical and a practical part.

The exams consist of multiple choice questions with closed or open answers.

The practical part consists of two tests, the first one evaluates the management and maintenance of horse boxes and the second one is the riding part.

Gallop Exams 1 and 2: in riding group. Step, trotting and gallop initiation. Go through the bars in the ground.

Gallop Exams 3: basic riding. Jumping and cross from 0.40 to 0.50 m. In dressage: P1-A Reprise.

Gallop Exams 4: jumping from 0.60 to 0.80 m. In the test of cross: height of 0.60 m. In dressage: P4-A Reprise

Gallop Exams 5: jumping 1.00 meters, it will ask for a tour of eight obstacles without combinations. In five full isolation barriers of 0.60 m. In dressage: Reprise 2.

Gallop Exams 6: jumping: 1.05 m. Course of eight obstacles with a combination of two strides. On completion of six 0.80 m obstacles without combinations. At dressage: Reprise 3.

Gallop Exams 7: jumping: 1.10 meters distance of eight obstacles, with a stride combination. On completion of six obstacles to 0.90 m. At dressage: Reprise 3.


To be submitted for consideration should email via our Contact Form or by fax at 933 716 364 registration form along with proof of payment of the fees.

Those who are attending at examination must have a federal license in force.

From Gallop 1 to Gallop 4 the examinations will be common to all disciplines, the candidates of different categories should be examined for all of them.

The Gallops 5, 6 and 7 exams depend on each discipline: dressage, jumping and CCE

Those who want to make the exam with their own horse must present LAC and LIC in force, with all the vaccines in order. You must submit all documentation in order to perform the test.

Required when presented for consideration the use of helmets and protective body when presented to the practice of jumping and cross.